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Boat Trailer Rollers

Buy Plastic Boat Trailer Keel Rollers

Boat Trailer Keel Rollers:

Roxom Boat Trailer Keel Rollers. Manufactured from HDPE Polyethylene are designed specifically for aluminium boats and trailers. Unlike rubber and PVC boat trailer rollers, our rollers will not crack or split which may cause potential damage to your boat, trailer & yourself. Roxom plastic boat trailer rollers and their long life makes them more economical in the long run. Less repairs & maintenance you have to do on your trailer enables you more time to enjoy the things you love. YOUR BOAT!

Blue plastic boat rollers

Self Centering Keel Rollers: 

HDPE Polyethylene Self Centering Boat Rollers. Designed specifically to help Centre your boat for a quick and easy retrieval. Plastic Self Centering rollers will not crack or split causing damage to your boat & trailer. View – Self Centering Keel Roller Products

Dog Bone Keel Rollers: 

HDPE Polyethylene Dog Bone Rollers. Designed specifically for aluminium boats and trailers. Dog Bone boat trailer rollers give the user absolute complete control when launching and retrieving their boat. View – Dog Bone Keel Rollers

Parallel Keel Rollers: 

Parallel Keel Rollers are designed more for medium to larger sized boats. Parallel Keel Rollers, allow for slight movement of your boat so it can be retrieved with ease. They maintain their strength and durability even in the toughest of conditions. View – Parallel Keel Roller

Cotton Reel Keel Rollers:

Cotton Reel Keel Rollers are manufactured from HDPE Polyethylene. Designed for small to medium sized boats, Cotton Reel Rollers help guide your boat to the centre of your trailer for a simple and efficient retrieval. View – Cotton Reel Keel Rollers

Concave Keel Rollers: 

HDPE Concave Keel Rollers. Designed as an alternative solution to the self centering keel roller. Concave rollers used from small to large boats help direct the boat to the centre of the trailer for a simple launch and retrieval. View – Concave Keel Rollers

Bow Rollers: 

Bow rollers play one of the most important rolls when your boat and trailer is in transit. Bow rollers support your boat to help eliminate movement which may cause potential damage. Plastic bow rollers , unlike rubber will not crack or split. View – Bow Rollers

Wobble Rollers:

Wobble Rollers play a key roll in the launching and retrieving of your boat. Wobble rollers help support up to 40% of the load of your boat when retrieving onto your trailer. Wobble rollers vary in size to suit small, medium and large sized boats. View – Wobble Rollers

Buffer End Caps

Buffer End Caps help support the bow roller at the top of your trailer. Buffer end caps offer additional protection to your trailer, saving potential damage to your boat if it comes off course. View – Buffer End Cap’s

Polyurethane Boat Rollers

Red polyurethane boat rollers

Polyurethane Sydney / Dog-bone rollers, Self Centering rollers, Cotton Reel Keel rollers are specifically designed for fiberglass hulls. Softer in nature and high quality urethane allow for complete control of your fiberglass boat. View-Urethane Boat Rollers

Multi Roller Conversion Kits & Spare Parts

Multi Roller Conversion Kits available now to purchase. Completely upgrade and or replace your existing roller set up with this all in one, do it your self trailer kit. View Multi Roller Conversion Kits

Featured Blue Hard Plastic Rollers:



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