Buy 4WD Body Lift Blocks and Lift Kits

3inch-lift-blocks-plastic4WD Body Lift Blocks: Plastic Machined Components.

Roxom 4WD Body Lift Blocks. Manufactured locally out of HDPE Polyethylene Plastic. Our 4WD Body Lift Blocks are designed for a variety of 4WD’s including brands such as; Toyota 4WD, Nissan 4WD, Mitsubishi 4WD, Land Rover 4WD, Holden 4WD, Ford 4WD and many more.

Roxom 4WD body lift blocks come in four standard sizes. 1 inch body lift, 2 inch body lift, 3 inch body lift & 4 inch riser blocks. If you are looking for custom size blocks, we have our own in house machine shop and can machine just about any size lift block you need. Simply click here to contact us with your inquiry into custom machining.

4WD Body Lift Kits – Frequently Asked Questions:

Many buyers looking to install a body lift kit onto their vehicle often have many questions. On this page we have created  a few questions we are often asked which will give you some guidance on the use of our body lift blocks.

Ute Tray Protection Covers and Skids:

25mm-plastic-bumper-cover-profile-minAre you looking for a simple product or solution that you can implement today that will help protect and improve the performance of your Ute’s tray?

Roxom Ute protection covers provide stylish protection and performance to your tray. You will no longer have to worry about damaging your tools or ladders or scraping the paint off your car. Have peace that you can store, remove, slide all your products in and out of your tray and maintain your vehicle in tip top condition. This will help improve your personal and business image to potential and existing customers that you take pride in your work and provide first class service to their needs.

Roof Rack Protection Covers:

Do you transport a lot of equipment on the roof of your car? Are you afraid of damaging your car or your personal goods you are transporting? With Roxom roof rack protection covers we provide a simple solution that allows you to load and unload your rack with out the risk of damage. Our plastic covers are simple to install and can add extra style, safety and performance to your roof rack.

  • To view our range of Roof Rack Protection Covers click here.

Disclaimer: Always check your states laws and regulations when it comes to modifying your vehicle. Roxom and any associates can not be held responsible for the outcome of modification to ones vehicle.