Boat Trailer Brackets & Hardware

Boat Trailer Roller Brackets:

Roxom Online Store stocks different types of boat trailer roller brackets and related trailer hardware for aluminium and galvanized boat trailers.

We understand buyers wish to purchase all their trailer spares from one shop at one time when making repairs to their boat trailers. We wish to be your one stop shop for all your boat trailer parts and accessories.

Along with our primary products boat trailer keel rollers we are now offering customers the option to purchase all their trailer repair parts from us.

Please choose Your appropriate replacement boat trailer roller bracket below:

Roller Bracket Types

Flat Roller Bracket

8-inch-flat-bracket.png4″ Flat Bracket 

4.5″ Flat Bracket 

6″ Flat Bracket 

8″ Flat Bracket


Single Stem Roller Bracket

6inch-single-stem-bracket.png4″ Single Stem Bracket

4.5″ Single Stem Bracket

6″ Single Stem Bracket

8″ Single Stem Bracket

12″ Single Stem Bracket


Twin Stem Roller Brackets

8-inch-twin-stem-bracket6″ Twin Stem Bracket

8″ Twin Stem Bracket

12″ Twin Stem Bracket

Tandem Roller Bracket

8-inch-tandem-trailer-bracket.png6″ Tandem Bracket

8″ Tandem Bracket


Wood Yoke Stem 

6″ Wood Yoke Stem

8-inch-wood-yoke-stem-straight-narrow.png8″ Wood Yoke Stem

12″ Wood Yoke Stem

8″ 45mm Wood Yoke Stem – Suits Boat Trailer Bunks

12″ 45mm Wood Yoke Stem – Suits Boat Trailer Bunks

8″ Heavy Duty Wood Yoke Stem

8-inch-heavy-dty-wood-yoke.png12″ Heavy Duty Wood Yoke Stem


Wobble Roller Brackets

Double Wobble Roller Bracket – 18mm

Double Wobble Roller Bracket – 22mm

Single Wobble Roller Bracketdouble-wobble-roller-bracket-18mm.png

Quad Wobble Roller Bracket


Tube Side Adjuster

2″ X 1″ Tube Side Adjuster

2″ X 2″ Tube Side Adjuster

2-2-tube-side-adjuster.png3″ X 2″ Tube Side Adjuster

4″ X 2″ Tube Side Adjuster

Heavy Duty Tube Side Adjuster – 2″ X 2″ 

Heavy Duty Tube Side Adjuster 3″ X 2″ 

Heavy Duty Tube Side Adjuster 4″ X 2″

* All prices Inc GST.

Boat Trailer Brackets & Hardware For Aluminium & Galvanized Trailers

  • Flat Roller Brackets – Perfect for any boat trailer, These brackets support rollers of all sizes and can be  mounted to most types of boat trailers.
  • Flat Stem Roller Brackets – Perfect to support the keel for most boats. Single stem allows this bracket to be adjusted at various heights to support your trailer.
  • Twin Stem Roller Brackets – Perfect support for larger style rollers. Twin stem allows for added support, and can be adjust to various heights to suit your boat and trailer.
  • Tandem Roller Brackets – Designed to support 6 inch and 8 inch boat rollers. These brackets support 2 rollers at once for added guidance when launching and retrieving your boat.
  • Wood Yoke Stem – These support brackets are ideal for use with mounting bumper cover profiles, wobble rollers & our plastic bunks to your boat trailer. We have wood yoke stem straight profiles, Angled Profiles and Heavy Duty Profiles.
  • Tube Side Adjuster – Use in conjunction with our roller brackets and wood yoke stem. These allow the brackets to be easily clamped to your trailer. With a single nut, it is a quick and effective way to adjust the height of your brackets.