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Boat trailer skids and slides supplied by Roxom Trailer Parts are manufactured from Ultralene plastic and are made in Australia by MPQ Plastics! Alot of people call plastic trailer skids; teflon trailer skids, however teflon is not the material used. Trailer skids are a perfect upgrade or replacement boat trailer parts that can be installed by anyone.

As an alternative to our boat trailer bunks, our trailer skids may be a simple yet effective solution to fixing up your boat trailer.

Simply attach our boat trailer slides to your existing wooden or steel bunks and it will be as if you have a brand new boat trailer in no time. Roxom plastic boat trailer skids are designed to stand the toughest of conditions and still maintain their top performance and reliability. Plastic trailer skids are ideal for use on aluminium boats and trailers.

  • 50mm X 12mm X 1000 / 1500/ 3000mm Grooved Boat Trailer Skid.
  • Material: Ultralene Plastic.
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  • 50mm X 12mm X 1000 / 1500 / 3000mm Plain Boat Trailer Skid.
  • Material: Ultralene Plastic.
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Colour Range:

Boat trailer skids are available in either Blue, Red or Black as standard colours. As a note, some customers get confused between the colours in thinking that red plastic skids are softer than blue or black trailer skids. When dealing with plastic profiles (skids, bunks, bumper covers etc) the material is all the same which is Ultralene Plastic. The only difference is a simple the colour die that is used.

Keel rollers on the other hand may be different. If you are unsure or have any questions regarding trailer skids and colour options and differences, please contact us. or click here to read this article on the different materials used in boat trailer parts.

Boat trailer plastic skids can be cut to ANY length that you may require. For standard sizes of 1 meter, 1.5 meter or 3 meter lengths please view our online store. For any other length required, please contact our sales staff who will be happy to assist your needs.

  • Please note that all skids you see on boat trailers are manufactured out of Ultralene Plastic. Alot of people refer to trailer skids as Teflon or Nylon Skids. This is incorrect.

Black Plastic SkidOther Uses for Plastic Trailer Skids:

We constantly get calls from customers inquiring whether our plastic trailer skids can be used for other applications? The simple answer is often always; YES!

Boat trailer skids in plastic are perfect for anyone looking to cover the following applications:

  • Roof Racks.
  • Ladder Racks.
  • RHS Steel (up to 50mm wide).
  • Horse Trailers.
  • Motorbike Trailers.
  • Box Trailers.
  • Gunwale Plastic Strip (Boat protection skids)
  • Supermarket Trolley Collection Trailers / Carts.

To discuss how our plastic trailer skids can help your project, simply contact our sales team to discuss further.

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