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boat-trailer-bunks-blue-ribbed-plain-solid-bends-pairBoat Trailer Self Centering Kits:

Boat Trailer Self Centering Kits. Designed to make life easier at the boat ramp after a day on the water.

Designed to help keep your boat cantered and to guide your boat back on to your trailer. Whether you are driving your boat back on to your trailer, or manually retrieving your boat; we have a boat trailer kit to suit your needs.

boat-trailer-self-center-keel-roller-blueBoat Trailer Rollers:

Roxom Marine supplies a wide variety of Australian Made Ultralene Boat Trailer Rollers designed exclusively for aluminium boats and trailers. Our rollers are designed to tolerate repetitive exposure to Australia’s unique marine environment.

Roxom Boat Rollers manufactured out of red urethane are perfect for use on fiberglass hulls. High quality plastic materials that wont crack or split when used properly.

50mm-plastic-bumper-cover-profileBoat Trailer Bumper Covers Plastic & Protective Bunk Pads:

Roxom Marine supplies a large range of Ultralene Boat Trailer Bumper Covers designed for the small, medium & larger sized boats. Our bumper cover range are UV resistant and are suitable for use in all weather conditions. Boat Trailer Bumper Covers will not only protect your boat and trailer but add style and performance to your trailer.

boat-trailer-plastic-hdpe-teflon-trailer-skid-blueBoat Trailer Plastic Skids:

Roxom Marine supplies a wide range of Plastic Boat Trailer Skids. Our plastic trailer skids provide a simple solution to those looking to upgrade their trailer from their worn down rubber and PVC skids. trailer skids offer performance and protection to your boat and trailer.

boat-trailer-bunks-blue-ribbed-plain-solid-bends-pairBoat Trailer Plastic Bunks:

Roxom Marine supplies a wide variety of Plastics Boat Trailer Bunks. Our trailer bunks are designed for use on aluminium boats and trailers. Trailer bunks are best used in conjunction with our boat trailer keel rollers. UV resistant bunks gives your trailer the looks and performance to make launching and retrieving your boat a breeze.

Roxom offers boat trailer bunks in either straight lengths or with bent angles which are designed to help make launching and retrieving your boat easier. 

Extruded from solid plastic (Ultralene by MPQ Plastics), our bunks are made to last. Beware of cheap imported hollow bunks as they are known to crack and split. 

Boat Trailer Jockey Wheels & Jockey Wheel Stands:

Roxom Marine stocks a wide range of jockey wheels to suit all types of trailers. Our jockey wheel range can be used on all types of boat trailers. Simply select your appropriate weight jockey wheel you are after to view its specifications.

Boat Trailer Winch:

Roxom Marine stocks supplies numerous types of boat trailer winches. With pull capacity ranging from 275kg to 1250kg, Roxom has an appropriate sized winch to suit your needs.

Boat Trailer Roller Spindles:

Roxom Marine along with its large selection of boat trailer rollers, also stocks boat trailer roller spindles. Our spindles suit most standard size bores at 16mm Dia and 23mm for our 12″ boat rollers.

Boat Trailer Roller Brackets:

Roxom boat trailer parts stocks various styles of boat trailer roller brackets. Our brackets are replacement parts for you to use when upgrading or replacing your boat trailer rollers.

Our Bracket range include:

– Flat Roller Brackets.

– Single Stem Roller Brackets.

– Twin Stem Roller Brackets.

– Wobble Roller Brackets.

– Wood Yoke Stem.

– Tube Side Adjusters.

– Tandem Brackets.

4inch-centre-adjustable-multi-roller-kitBoat Trailer Multi Roller Conversion Kits & Wobble Roller Kits

Roxom boat trailer multi roller conversion kits & wobble roller kits. To suit all trailer sizes, small medium & large. Convert your trailer into a drive on to help launch and retrieve your boat with ease.

  • To view our range of multi roller conversion kits click here.

Boat Trailer Mudguards:

Upgrade or repair your boat trailer and box trailer mud guards. Buy PVC or Galvanized steel mudguards to suit 8″, 10″, 12″/13″ or 14″/15″ wheel size.