Boat Trailer Mudguards & Box Trailer Mudguards.

boat-trailer-mud-guardDo you need to replace your old boat trailer and box trailer mudguards? Or are you building a new boat trailer which needs a new set of fenders?

These mud guards will fit most standard and customised trailers. Simply select from the sizes below to view the dimension and specifications to check to see if they will fit your trailer. Universal in design, simply mount to your trailer and your good to go.

At present we stock two types of trailer mud guards.

  • Plastic Mud Guards – To suit trailer wheels 13″ and 14″ in size.

Please note at this stage we do not offer any installation or technical advice on these boat trailer parts

When choosing a colour for your new mud guards; keep in mind that the material used is all the same. The only difference is simply a colour die thats used in the plastic. 

 Boat Trailer Mudguards Online Shop.

White Plastic Mudguards For Boat Trailers:

Trailer Mudguard 13 Inch White Plastic – SPECIAL OFFER!

  • White Plastic Mudguard suit 13″ wheel.
  • Size : 716mm L x 235mm W
  • View Now.


Trailer Mudguard 14 Inch White Plastic

  • White Plastic Mudguard suit 14″ wheels.
  • Size : 780mm L x 260mm W
  • View Now.

Trailer Mudguard 13 Inch Silver Plastic – SPECIAL OFFER!

  • Black Plastic Mudguard suit 13″ wheels include 2 pcs
  • View Now.

Trailer Mudguard 13/14 Inch Black Plastic

  • Black Plastic Mudguard suit 13″/14″ wheels include 2 pcs
  • View Now.


White PVC Mudguard Flap:

  • Mud Flap PVC White colour (each)
  • Price: $8.50 (Inc GST)
  • View Now.


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