4WD Body Lift Blocks Frequently Asked Questions.

Below you will find a common list of frequent questions we receive in regards to our HDPE Polyethylene plastic body lift blocks. If you have any further questions or inquiries please be sure to contact us.

  1. Do your Body Lift Blocks come with bolts?

– At this stage no. We are currently sourcing the best available source to supply hi-tensile bolts to support our lift blocks.

2. Where can i buy Hi-Tensile bolts from until you stock them?

– Hi Tensile bolts are available from most Industrial Fastener supply stores.

3. Does Roxom provide technical advice on the installation of the body lift blocks?

– No! we are manufacturers of plastic components. For installation guidance we recommend a professional to install the blocks into your car. We take no responsibility or warranty as to how you use these blocks. It is up to the individual to seek their own information when it comes to the installation of these components in their vehicle.

4. Do you offer custom sized blocks?

– Yes! we have full CNC Machine shop facilities. Please contact us today with any custom size blocks or plastic components that you may require.

5. Are your body lift blocks available for wholesale suppliers?

– Yes. Please E-mail us with your inquiry so we can provide appropriate pricing and quantities available for your companies needs.

6. Do you machine any other types of plastics?

– Yes, we machine HDPE Polyethylene, Nylon, Acetal & polypropylene materials. If you are interested in any of these plastics, please contact us before hand to discuss your needs.

7. How can I pay for your products?

– Roxom accepts payments via credit card, EFT & Pay-Pal or cash on pickup. 

8. What if I have a question that is not listed here?

– For any additional inquiries into the products and services provided from Roxom, Please call us on 0421 475 422 or E-mail us at sales@www.roxom.com.au