Ute Tray Protection Covers & 4WD Plastic Covers. boat-trailer-grey-bumper-cover

Ute Tray Ultralene (HDPE Polyethylene) Protection Covers.

Roxom Ute Tray Protection Covers are manufactured locally in Australia out of HDPE Polyethylene. These covers are designed to clip over your Utes tray to give it style, performance and protection from rubbing tools, ladders or general objects that you may load into your ute.

We provide protection covers in all various sizes & colour options

  • 25mm X 25mm.
  • 40mm X 30mm.
  • 45mm X 45mm.
  • 52mm X 52mm.
  • 65mm X 65mm.

If you are sick and tired of wrapping old cardboard, carpet or any other type products to try and protect your ute and ladder racks. You have no doubt found that these options may provide temporary relief, but after a very short amount of time you start to get frustrated and realize that you may now have an even worse problem on your hands. Our tray covers make it easy and safe to load and unload your ute, without damaging your tray.

Gold Coast In Store Pickup:

46 Notar Drive, Ormeau QLD 4208

Note: Contact us first to confirm stock and availability of profiles.

Ute Side 1 Ute Side 2 Ute Top Front 

ute-tray-rear-protection-cover ute-tray-protection-cover
boat-trailer-teflon-skid50mm X 12mm Grooved Skid – Ladder Rack Protection Products.

An alternative product to our C-section covers is the simple 50mm x 12mm grooved skids. These HDPE Polyethylene skids are simple to attach and provide great protection and support to your Ute’s ladder rack. You will not have to worry about scratching the paint on your racks or damaging your tools any more!