Aluminium Boat Trailers

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boat-trailer-plastic-bunks-quintrex-minRoxom Boat Trailers stocks a number of aluminium boat trailers designed for fiberglass & aluminium boats as well as Jet Ski / PWC Watercraft’s. Manufactured by local trailer manufacturers – These trailers feature high quality premium boat trailer parts and the latest technology on the market today!

Roxom Boat Trailers starts with 8 standard boat trailer models which range from 4 meters in size which are designed for Jet Ski’s all the way up to 9.8 meters which can cater for boats up to 4490kg in weight.

All boat trailers on offer are locally built in Australia using high quality parts and components. We pride our selves on offering our customers high quality Australian made and designed aluminium boat trailers.

Aluminium Boat Trailer Models

Please click on the following aluminium boat trailer models to view full specifications and features. If you have any questions regarding our aluminium boat trailers on offer, please contact us, or visit us in store for more information.

xx-xxxxx – Jet Ski Trailer up to 3.6 meters.

xx-xxxxx – Boat Trailer 3.7m to 4.3m (12.1′ – 14.1′)

xx-xxxxx – Boat Trailer 5.2m to 5.5m (17′ – 18′)

xx-xxxxx – Boat Trailer 5.6m to 6.5m (18.4′ – 21.3′)

xx-xxxxx – Boat Trailer 6.6m to 7.1m (21.7′ – 23.3′)

xx-xxxxx – Boat Trailer 7.2m to 7.8m (23.7′ – 25.7′)

xx-xxxxx – Boat Trailer 8m to 8.4m (26.2′ – 27.6′)

xx-xxxxx – Boat Trailer 8.5m to 9m (27.10′ – 29.6′)

Custom Built & Designed Aluminium Boat Trailers, Please contact us.

Aluminium Boat Trailer Standard Inclusions

All aluminium boat trailers provided come standard with the following inclusions. By offering high quality components and features, the boat trailers we offer are sure to last you a lifetime and offer a better boating experience!

Al-Ko independent rubber suspensions

Featured on over 8 million caravans and trailers around the world, the AL-KO I.R.S. axle system is now the benchmark for fully independent trailer suspension. The trend to independent suspension first revolutionized the passenger car, then four wheel drives and is now the choice for trailers too.

The AL-KO I.R.S. axle has been proven in tough Australian conditions – from dirt tracks to fast freeways, from mountain tracks to desert highways. The demands of marine trailer towing, with the additional affect of salt water, are also met with the AL-KO I.R.S. system.

Conventional suspension componentry can suffer on Australian roads leading to instability and dangerous snaking under heavy loads. AL-KO’s remarkable I.R.S. system makes towing instability thing of the past. Learn more about Al-Ko suspension on the Alko website.

Marine Grade Aluminium Boat Trailer Frame

All boat trailers we offer are manufactured from high quality marine grade aluminium frames, chassis, winch posts, winch brackets and the tow bar. Aluminium is strong & lightweight and offers better corrosion resistance vs steel. This allows for better towing on the road and a safer journy. 

Polyurethane Clear Coat Protection

In order to give your trailer extra protection against the wild Australian weather & conditions, LL Casey boat trailers are covered with Polyurethane clear gloss paint. Excellent heat resistance and durability make this a premium clear coating for your trailer. A longer lasting trailer will save you more money on refurbishing a rusty trailer or replacing a new one years in the future.