Buy Soft Polyurethane Keel Rollers

6" Red Urethane Cotton Reel RollerDog Bone Keel Rollers (Sydney Keel Rollers – Soft Poly Red):

Soft Poly Dog Bone Keel rollers are suitable for small, medium and large sized boats. Manufactured from polyurethane, Dog Bone rollers allow for complete control when launching and retrieving your boat. Softer then HDPE, these rollers are ideal for use with fiberglass hulls. These urethane keel rollers, when installed correctly are non marking and offer maximum support for fiberglass hulls.

Polyurethane Self Centering Keel Rollers (Soft Poly Red)

Manufactured out of soft red polyurethane material. these self centering keel rollers will help assist in centering your fiberglass boat when retrieving your boat. Softer then HDPE, these rollers unlike rubber and PVC these rollers will help make launching and retrieving your boat a breeze.

Polyurethane Concave Keel Rollers (Soft Poly Red)

Polyurethane Concave Keel rollers are the perfect alternative boat roller to self centering, dog bone or cotton reel style soft rollers. Concave, due to their unique shape allow for complete control over your boat when launching and retrieving with their natural ability to self centre. Unlike rubber or PVC Concave rollers, soft poly rollers are tough and durable which adds to their superior performance and lifespan. 

Polyurethane Cotton Reel Keel Rollers (Soft Poly Red)

Much like their partners, Concave keel rollers and Dog Bone keel rollers, cotton reel style soft poly rollers are ideal for use on small, medium and large styled hulls. They are strong and durable allowing easy launching and retrievals of your boat when and where ever you like. Polyurethane Keel Rollers are non marking and offer sleek style along with maximum performance for your boat trailer.