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Boat Trailer Plastic Skids

boat trailer plain skid

Buy Boat Trailer Skids / Runners

Boat Trailer Skids:

Roxom Boat Trailer Skids are manufactured from HDPE Polyethylene plastic. As an alternative to our boat trailer bunks, our trailer skids may be a simple yet effective solution to fixing up your boat trailer.

Simply attach our trailer skids to your existing wooden bunks and it will be as if you have a brand new boat trailer in no time. Roxom boat trailer skids are designed to stand the toughest of conditions and still maintain their top performance and reliability. Plastic trailer skids are ideal for use on aluminium boats and trailers.


  • 50mm X 12mm X 1000mm Grooved Boat Trailer Skid.
  • Material: HDPE Polyethylene
  • $11.00$33.00 Select options


  • boat trailer skid trailer50mm X 12mm X 1000mm Plain Boat Trailer Skid.
  • Material: HDPE Polyethylene.
  • $11.00$33.00 Select options



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Additional Lengths: Boat Trailer Skids come standard in 1500mm and 3000mm Lengths.

To Purchase Lengths Greater Then 1 Meter In Length, Please Email Us To Order


  • Please note that all skids you see on boat trailers are manufactured out of HDPE Polyethylene. Alot of people refer to trailer skids as Teflon Skids. This is incorrect. 


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