Boat Trailer Light Board & Accessories

Roxom boat trailer light boards. Designed specifically for boat trailers and box trailers. If your boat trailer or box trailer lights are malfunctioning or not performing as they should, now is the ideal time to replace them with these brand new boat trailer light boards. Ark trailer lights are high in quality and comply with all state regulations. Simply replace your old lights or light board with these easy to use high quality LED light board and your back on the road and water quickly and safely.

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Boat Trailer Light Board

Interchangeable 7 Pin – Light Board

  • 1.50m length Trailer Light-board 8 meters cable moulded with universal socket.
  • Included 7 pin Flat plug, 7 pin Small plug and 7 pin Large Plug.
  • (note: the Trailer Lamp is fitted with 12V bayonet globes)
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  • Interchangeable 7 Pin Light Board LED 7 Pin Large Plug Light Board Adapter LED 7 Pin Flat Plug Light Board Adapter LED 7 Pin Small Plug Light Board Adapter

Freight On Boat Trailer Light Boards

Due to the size of these boat trailer light boards, we will need to send these items via courier as they are to large for Australia Post. To obtain a quote on shipping, Please contact us with your location, and we will reply with the best option for you.