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After years of supplying the Australian boat trailer market with high quality boat trailer parts, bunks, slicks, rollers & hardware; Roxom has built a reputation that has expanded into the USA where many customers are seeking the same high quality boat trailer components as us Aussies down under!

Roxom® boat trailer parts & Ultra High® boat trailer parts are manufactured out of premium plastic materials. Manufactured in Australia by MPQ Plastics; quality is guaranteed to be of the highest standard.

Customers in the USA; in the past found it difficult to find high quality boat trailer parts for their trailers. Today, that has all changed. Roxom has some of its most popular items available for purchase via Amazon.com – Prime members even have the ability to purchase eligible items with free shipping anywhere in the USA!

For custom boat trailer parts, or wholesale inquiries, please visit our American sister site: Boat Trailer Spares.Com

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