Tutorial: How To Fit A Boat Trailer Jockey Wheel

How To Fit A Jockey Wheel To Your Trailer

When it comes to changing or installing a brand new Jockey Wheel most people tend to take this simple task and make the job alot more difficult than it ought to be.

In today’s article we have prepared a simple guide that will allow you to install a brand new jockey wheel onto your trailer quick and simple.

Products and Tools you will need:

  • Jockey Wheel.
  • A suitable U-Bracket for swing models or suitable bracket for fixed model Jockey Wheels.
  • Support Stand or a vehicle fitted with a tow bar.
  • Flat level surface.

4 Step Procedure Guide.

fitting-a-new-jockey-wheel-step-11. Locate the mount point on your trailer.

If you do not currently have a jockey wheel fitted to your boat trailer, locate a suitable area on the draw bar where there are currently no other fixtures, fittings or wires attached.

Place your support stand underneath the draw bar of the trailer or attach your boat trailer to your vehicle for support.

fitting-a-new-jockey-wheel-step-22. Attach the U-Bracket/Bracket to your boat trailer.

On a swing away jockey wheel you will notice that there are a number of holes in the mounting plate.

Holding the jockey wheel up to the draw bar, slide the u-bracket over the draw bar of the trailer and through the appropriate holes in the mounting plate.

Make sure you tighten all the nuts through the appropriate holes on the mounting plate that is connected to the boat trailers draw bar.

3. Lower your new boat trailer jockey wheel.

Test your new swing away operation by using the jockey wheel’s handle.

fitting-a-new-jockey-wheel-step-44.Adjust the height of your Jockey Wheel to suit your boat trailer.


You can adjust the height of your jockey wheel by turning the the handle at the top.

fitting-a-new-jockey-wheel-step-3Always make sure that your boat trailer is secure on an appropriate stand, or is fully secure to the back of your vehicle. Any movement in the trailer while installing a jockey wheel may lead to potential injury or damage to your self, boat or vehicle.

If at any time you do not feel comfortable installing your jockey wheel or any other boat trailer part to your trailer, please stop immediately and take your boat to a professional for installation.

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