How To Launch A PWC (Jet Ski) Correctly

How To Launch A PWC (Jet Ski) Correctly

Learn how to launch a PWC or Jet Ski safely at your local boat launch ramp. If you have never launched a PWC before it can be a very exciting time as you get ready to take your new prized possession out on the water for the very first time. Before hitting the water, it is very important that you are aware of all safety requirements and the correct procedure to launching your jet ski into the water.

The good folks at PWC TV Show have put together this short video which gives a brief yet detailed explanation on the procedure to launch and retrieve your PWC correctly.

Quick Tip: Ensure your PWC trailer is in excellent working condition. Ensure all your trailer rollers or skids / bunks / Slides are in top working condition to allow for a quick and simply launch and retrieve. If your PWC parts are in need of replacement or due for an upgrade, simply contact our help desk, and we can offer the appropriate suggestions on parts to get you up and running quickly!

Learn How To Launch A PWC Video

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