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Boat Trailer Parts Adelaide

Boat Trailer Rollers, Bunks, Skids, Bunk Covers, Brackets / Hardware, Spare Wheels, Winches & More | Roxom Adelaide.

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Boat Trailer Parts – Adelaide

Boat Trailer Parts Adelaide.

Roxom supplies boat trailer parts that allow you to upgrade, repair or build your boat trailer today with high quality boat trailer parts that are manufactured in Australia!

With our head office and factory located on the gold coast, the power of the internet and an Australia wide courier network, allows us to supply our trailer parts to anyone in Adelaide and South Australia with ease.

Roxom boat trailer bunks, skids, rollers, bunk cover profiles are manufactured and produced locally in Australia in our Queensland factory & our steel brackets and boat trailer hardware are supplied from local distributors. Roxom aim to provide the highest quality boat trailer parts in all of Adelaide and Australia.

Roxom plastic boat trailer parts are machined and extruded from high quality plastics supplied by MPQ Plastics. Plastic boat trailer parts have been known to outlast Rubber and PVC parts which have a tendency to split and crack which need constant replacement. Plastic trailer parts are the superior and standard in Adelaide Australia!

We supply the following boat trailer parts via our Adelaide Online Store;

Boat Trailer Rollers Adelaide:

Roxom supply Australian made plastic Boat Trailer Rollers designed exclusively for aluminium & fiberglass boats and trailers. Manufactured locally by MPQ Plastics; Our boat rollers are designed to tolerate repetitive exposure to Adelaide and Australia’s unique climate. Our boat roller range includes; Dog Bone Rollers, Self Centering Rollers, Cotton Reel Rollers, Parallel Rollers, Concave Rollers, Wobble Rollers and Bow Rollers. Click here to buy Boat Trailer Rollers Adelaide.

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Boat Trailer Bunk Cover Skids:

Boat Trailer Bunk Covers manufactured out of plastic are designed for the small, medium & larger sized boats. Our bumper cover range are UV stabilized and is suitable for use in all weather conditions in Adelaide. Boat Trailer bunk Covers will not only protect your boat and trailer from exposed steel but add style and performance to your trailer. Click here to buy Boat Trailer Bumper Covers Adelaide.

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Boat Trailer Plastic Skids:

Roxom Plastic Boat Trailer Skids. Our plastic boat trailer skids provide a simple solution to those looking to upgrade their trailer from their worn down rubber, carpet and PVC skids. Trailer skids offer performance and protection to your boat and trailer. Our skids come in two main profiles grooved and plain skids. No matter whether you are looking for red, blue, grey or black plastic skids, we have the colour style to suit your boat trailer. Click here to buy Boat Trailer Skids Adelaide.

boat-trailer-bunks-blue-ribbed-plain-solid-bends-pairBoat Trailer Bunks Plastic:

Boat Trailer Bunks Plastic – Adelaide. Manufactured out of our Gold Coast factory by MPQ’s Ultralene material! Roxom boat trailer bunks and slides are designed for use on aluminium boats and trailers. Plastic trailer bunks are best used in conjunction with our boat trailer keel rollers. Plastic bunks are UV resistant which gives your trailer the looks and performance to make launching and retrieving your boat a breeze. Click here to Buy Boat Trailer Bunks Adelaide.

boat-trailer-sel-centre-v-guides-glider-kitBoat Trailer Self Centering Kits

Boat trailer self centering kits supplied by Roxom are specifically designed to help boat users launch and retrieve with ease.

We supply our boat boat trailer kits with our high quality plastic boat trailer bunks and skids which offer ultimate protection and performance when using these kits as drive-on components.

Click here to view our boat trailer self centering kits – Adelaide.

Shop Roller BracketsBoat Trailer Jockey Wheels, Brackets, Spindles, Winches, LED Lights & More:

Roxom boat trailer accessories and hardware products in Adelaide. We have sourced the best suppliers to offer these spare parts  to our customers. Our prices on these boat trailer accessories are extremely competitive and high in quality. So why not chose Roxom as your number 1 supplier for all your boat trailer spares? Click here to browse boat trailer accessories.

plastic-pvc-trailer-mudguards-whiteBuy Boat Trailer Mudguards:

Now available for delivery Adelaide wide; We supply mudguards manufactured in Australia out nylon and plastic. 13inch and 14inch size options available in silver / grey or white. Click here to view our range of boat trailer mudguards.