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Buy Boat Trailer Parts in Adelaide

Boat Trailer Parts Adelaide

Do you struggle when it comes to launching your boat each time you wish to use it? Is your current trailer setup just not working for you? Look to purchase boat trailer parts and accessories in Adelaide or surrounding suburbs. Why not look to order your Plastic boat trailer spare parts online and save up to 50% off retail prices.

Roxom is an established boat trailer parts and accessories business and through out distribution network we have been supplying Adelaide fisherman and boating enthusiasts for over 10 years. Our online boat trailer parts store provides easy access to DIY trailer repairs, upgrades, improvements and general repair guides for our high quality plastic components that are manufactured locally in Australia.

Our plastic boat trailer parts are extruded and machined from HDPE Polyethylene. Plastic boat trailer parts have been an upgraded option to those using Rubber and PVC parts which have a tendency to constantly split and crack with the need for  need constant replacement.

We supply the following marine trailer products via our Adelaide Online Store.

Boat Rollers ShopBuy Boat Trailer Rollers:

Roxom supplies a wide variety of Australian made HDPE Polyethylene Boat Trailer Rollers designed exclusively for aluminium boats and trailers. Our keel rollers are designed to handle the repetitive exposure to Adelaide’s and Australia’s unique boating environment. Our boat trailer keel roller range includes Concave RollersSelf Centering RollersCotton Reel RollersDog Bone RollersParallel RollersWobble Rollers and Bow RollersClick here to buy Boat Trailer Rollers Adelaide.

Shop Bunk CoversBuy Boat Trailer Bumper Cover:

Roxom offers a wide range of Plastic Boat Trailer Bumper Covers designed for small, medium and large size boats. Our bumper cover range is UV resistant and is suitable for use in all weather types. Boat Trailer Bumper Covers will not only protect your boat and trailer but add style, performance and ease to launching your boat. Click here to buy Boat Trailer Bumper Covers Adelaide.

Shop SkidsBuy Boat Trailer Plastic Skids:

We distribute a solid selection of Plastic Boat Trailer Skids. Our plastic trailer skids enable a quick and simple solution to those looking to upgrade or repair their trailer from their worn down PVC skids. Trailer skids offer performance and protection to your boat and trailer. Our skids come in two main profiles grooved and plain skids. Click here to buy Boat Trailer Skids Adelaide.

Shop BunksBuy Boat Trailer Bunks:

Roxom offers a large variety of options on our Plastics Boat Trailer Bunks. Our trailer bunks are designed for use on aluminium boats and trailers. Boat Trailer Bunks are used best in conjunction with our boat trailer keel rollers. Our trailer bunks are UV resistant which gives your trailer the looks and performance to help make launching and retrieving your boat a breeze. Click here to Buy Boat Trailer Bunks Adelaide.

Shop Conversion KitsBuy Boat Trailer Jockey Wheels, Brackets, Spindles, Winches & More:


Roxom now has on offer numerous parts and accessories to complete your trailer. We have sourced the best suppliers around to offer these products to our customers. Our prices on these boat trailer parts are extremely competitive. So chose Roxom as your number 1 supplier for all your boat trailer needs. Click here to buy boat trailer accessories.

Customer Satisfaction

The satisfaction of our customers is our number one goal and paramount to our success as a business moving forward. When you deal with Roxom Marine you will feel confident and comfortable that you are receiving a premium product with top customer service.


Here Are Adelaide Customer Testimonials Who Purchased Online

George Papas- When I first contacted Roxom i wasn’t completely sure about what products I needed to solve the issue of struggling with my trailer each and every time I went to launch my boat. The gentleman I spoke to asked me over the phone exactly what sort of boat I had, what sort of trailer I had, What my current roller setup was. Once i told him, he gave me two possible options that he believed would suit me best. As of today, I have no issues when it comes to launching and retrieving my boat at all. The plastic boat trailer parts roll and slide perfectly and saves me alot of strain!