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Boat Trailer Parts Philip Island

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Boat Trailer Parts – Philip Island

Cowes in Phillip Island is a popular tourism destination south east of Melbourne. Great for boating, fishing, jet skiing for locals and holiday goers. One of the benefits about living and visiting Phillip Island is the ability to go boating all year round. When boating all year round, the one thing people tend to forget about until it is to late, is maintenance on their boat trailers! By keeping your boat trailer in tip top condition, this will allow you to spend more time out on the water and less time at the ramp.

One of the frustrating things for locals in Phillip Island can be the lack of boat trailer parts and accessories they need in order to perform general maintenance tasks and essential upgrades. Roxom boat trailer parts is one of Australia’s biggest suppliers of boat trailer rollers, brackets, hardware, skids / slides, bunks, LED trailer lights, mud guards, winches, pretty much anything boat trailer – we supply!

When seeking replacement boat trailer spares, no matter what part it is – it is important to stick to quality. Cheap imported products pose a higher risk of splitting or cracking which can cause serious damage to not only your boat and trailer but also your wallet. Trying to save a few dollars on spare parts simply is not worth it in the long run. All our high quality plastic boat trailer components are manufactured locally in Australia, Hastings to be exact. With local shipping available along with in house pickup. We will have your boat trailer up and running to the best of its ability in no time.

For those looking to not only repair their boat trailer, but perform various upgrades? Our trailer parts can help. We specialize in supplying multi roller conversion kits, all types of wobble rollers, self centering rollers, bunks, slides, led lights and more. 

For all product inquiries and assistance, please contact us were one of our experienced staff members will be able to assist to your needs.