300mm Bunk Flipper Kit Boat Trailer

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300mm Bunk Flipper Kit – Boat Trailer Self Centering Kit.

Flipper Kits are ideal for helping retrieve your boat onto your trailer. Help keep your boat centred for a much easier retrieval onto your keel rollers.

This kit is designed to fit boat trailers with a 50mm x 50mm cross section. If you require a smaller / larger size; Please contact us to discuss your options.

Note: As everyone’s trailer setups and boat hulls are different; we are no longer drilling holes in the plastic profiles. The buyer will need to do this which gives you a chance to align the profile perfectly to your boats hull!

Tools required: Drill, Shifter / Spanner / socket wrench (x2)

Buy with confidence from an Australian manufacturing company!

Boat Trailer Kit Includes:

  • 2x 300mm Ribbed Bunks (Flippers)
  • 2x 50mm X 50mm Tube Side Adjuster Brackets.
  • 2x 12″ Wood Yoke Stem Brackets.

Note: Overall length of bunk is 300mm. Flat spot measures slightly smaller due to angles cut. To add additional brackets to support the flipper, simply contact us to discuss your order over the phone.

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 20 cm


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300mm Flipper Kit Plastic
300mm Bunk Flipper Kit Boat Trailer

In stock