2″ x 2″ Tube Side Adjuster

  • Designed to Suit Cross Sections 50mm X 50mm / 2″ X 2″.
  • Galvanized Steel.
  • Easy Clamp On Style.
  • Ideal For Yokes & Bracket assemblies.
  • Multiple Sizes Available.


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2″ x 2″ Tube Side Adjuster


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2″ x 2″ Tube Side Adjuster Boat Trailer Bracket

Boat Trailer Bracket designed to suit cross sections 2″ X 2″ or 50mm x 50mm. Tube Side Adjusters, used in conjunction with roller brackets and wood yoke stems for mounting applications to your trailers cross section.

Ideal for most standard sized boat trailer cross sections. Attach your brackets, bunks, rollers & guides with this simple clamp on attachment bracket.

Note: Images are for display purposes only, actual product may differ slightly. Designed to fit cross sections 50mm / 50mm.

Weight0.65 kg
Dimensions7 × 5 × 5 cm