Guide: Australian Fishing Weather Reports and Tide Times

Australian Fishing Weather Report

When it comes to taking your boat out on the water it is very important that you check your local weather reports so that you can fully prepare your day ahead and what you can expect. In this article I have compiled a list of links from around the web that will provide various information on Australian boating, fishing weather reports as well as Australian tide times.

Weather Links:

For a list of weather links around the country please review the following content. If you come across a great weather link that we may have missed, please leave a comment below to let us no.

Bureau of Meteorology Weather Links:
The following links will take you to the Bureau of Meteorology website. I have broken down each state and territory to make it easier for you to find local weather and information that you can use on the day. The Bureau of Meteorology website information is listed in real time.

 Lightning Tracker:

Wave Buoys:

Cyclone Warning Centers:

Tide Times: 

Maritime Information:

All Other Weather Links:

  • Sea Breeze – 7 Day Wind, Wave & Tide Weather Forecasts. Live Wind Reports Australia Wide. Includes weather web cams, weather forums, maps and a trading directory.
  • Buoy Weather – Marine weather forecasts from any point. Worldwide weather and products.
  • Australia Surf Cams – Australia wide surf web cams.
  • Weather Channel Australia – Australia wide weather reports. Includes up-to date radar and satellite imaging.


If you found any of our weather information links useful please leave us a comment below, or if we missed a useful weather link that you feel others may find helpful please let us no.

Always remember, before you decide to take your boat out on the water on any day, go fishing at your local jetty or even just spending time with the family at the beach it is always a smart idea to check what sort of day your in for. Plan your day accordingly and make sure you keep your family, friends and your self safe at all times. 

Just as important as checking the days weather, it is very important that you make sure your boat trailer parts especially your boat trailer rollers, bunks and skids are all up to date and in solid working condition. The last thing you want to worry about is getting caught in a storm when trying to retrieve your boat and your equipment starts to fail on you.

Happy Fishing.