Caravan 200W Folding Solar Panel Power Regulator 12V

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Caravan 200W Folding Solar Panel Power Regulator 12V Battery Charger Portable Camping

Caravan solar panel – Mono crystalline solar panel design using the highest quality cell. Grade A monocrystalline cell had the highest efficiency in the solar industry which produce the most power compared to any other brands solar panel in the market.

The solar bracket is built by Anodised Aluminium which is tough enough to withstand the weather in Australia and light enough for easy transportation.

Finally, the solar cell is protected by our strong tempered glass which had gone through 1m steel ball test.


Wattage: 200w
Max working voltage 17.7v
Max Working Current 12.56A
Open circuit Voltage: 22V
Short Circuit Current: 11.18A
Dimension:675*620*70mm(Per Panel)
1 x 250W Solar Panel Kit.


High Efficiency Grade A Mono Cells
Shade tolerant
Diode included
Anodized Aluminium frame
Easy installation frame
Light Weight
25 years performance

What’s In Box

200w Solar Panel Folding Kit
Alligator Clips
2m Cable
10A Platinum MPPT Controller
Dust Cover
User Manual


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Weight12 kg
Dimensions100 × 20 × 40 cm
Caravan 200W Folding Solar Panel Power Regulator 12V