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Boat Trailer Ribbed Trailer Bunks With 45 Degree Bends 1.5Mtrs

Boat Trailer Ribbed Trailer Bunks With 45 Degree Bends 1.5Mtrs


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Ribbed Boat Trailer Bunks 70mm X 40mm X 1500 With 45 Degree Angles

Made from premium solid plastic materials; These boat trailer bunks are the perfect addon or upgrade boat trailer part to help launch, retrieve and support your boat and trailer. 

By Adding extra support to your boats hull, your launch and retrieve experiance will be made alot easier with these slick bunks.

These boat trailer bunks with 45degree angles are manufactured and bent in house. For custom lengths, please contact us direct to discuss your options.

Boat Trailer Bunk Sizes:

Length: 1.5 meters long.

Width: 40mm.

Height: 70mm.

Note: Bunk length listed is the total length including the bend.

Note: In extreme hot weather, it is natural for longer length plastic profiles to want to flex. This is normal. If this is a concern; adding an extra bracket to the center of your bunks for extra support will help keep the profile straight in hot weather.

Whats Included:

2x 1500mm Ribbed Trailer Bunk Blue With 45degree Bends (1x pair).


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