Boat Trailer Parts – How To Accessorize Your Boat Trailer Correctly

Boat Trailer Parts – How To Accessorize Your Boat Trailer Correctly

Dunbier Glider Pad Series Boat TrailerIf you own a boat, the odds are you own a boat trailer. If you do not own a boat trailer (yet) or are considering buying one then there are many advantages you will discover. By owning a boat trailer this ensures that you do not have to hire a boat storage service on the water front but allows you to take your boat with you and park it on your own private property when you are not using the boat. This is especially true when you are live far from the water front and cannot go out frequently to check on the boat or clean and carry out regular maintenance work. There are many boat trailer accessories that you can add to your boat trailer to make the transition from your home with your boat to the water.

Lets take a quick look at some boat trailer parts that you could use to secure the boat on the trailer if you are planning to use the trailer as your storage device instead of hiring a wet slip at the harbour to store the boat when you are not using it. One of the main accessories for a boat trailer is the trailer winch. This is a particular mechanism that makes hoisting the boat up out of the water and placing it onto the boat trailer.

Ark 650kg Boat Trailer WinchThe winch also doubles up as a locking device which will hold your boat securely to the trailer ready for the trip home or from your home to the water. Ratcheting hooks or similar devices are also particularly useful to latch the boat down the trailer. These hooks enable you to tie the boat down with rope across the top and from behind, ensuring it stays on the trailer until you want to launch or retrieve.

A hitch is another important accessory that fastens it to your towing vehicle. A proper hitch will ensure that the boat does not break away and roll back down the road. You may be able to stop in time and prevent the boat from getting severely damaged in the event of a boat trailer hitch breaking loose, But at the end of the day its simply not worth the risk. A good hitch will have a locking device to ensure no one can unhitch the trailer from your vehicle and tow it away while you have stopped.

Though the trailer comes with its own set of boat trailer rollers you might consider an add on roller such as a self centering keel roller that allows for a smooth loading and unloading of the boat. These rollers are fitted on to the rear of the boat trailer and give it that much needed smooth hoist to get the boat onto the trailer rollers. Roller accessories prevent scratched and denting of boats during launching and retrieving. If your boat trailer does not use rollers but uses a trailer bunk system the same apply by using trailer bunks with a 45 degree angle on one end, this will help lift your boat onto your trailer for a quick and easy retrieval.

Last but not the least; get yourself a good set of tools. You never know when some emergency maintenance may be needed on your boat or trailer, so it’s important to be prepared at all times. Naturally there are many additional boat trailer parts you can use and add to your trailer, but the most important thing you need to remember is that it is safe, secure and suited to your boat. People spend thousands of dollars on buying brand new boats – it is not worth trying to save a few dollars on your trailer which could cause potential damage to your boat and injury to your self and others around you.