Six Quick Tips To Remember When Buying A Boat Trailer

Six Quick Tips To Remember When Buying A Boat Trailer

When it comes to buying a boat, most buyers are so excited and keen that they often overlook one very important factor and thats, their new boat trailer that is going to accompany their new boat. Research shows us that despite many buyers willing to spend thousands of dollars on a brand new boat that they often chose to go the cheap option and purchase a cheap trailer to go along with their expensive boat.

For new boat owners, those who are willing to spend a few extra dollars at time of purchase will soon realize they have made an excellent decision. By acquiring a quality boat trailer this allows the boat owner an efficient and convenient trailer to store their boat and also gives them the confidence that they can tow their boat comfortably away on vacation and not have too many safety issues

To get the most out of your money and your boating experience follow these handy tips and keep them lodged in the back of your head when shopping for your new dream boat.

Boat Trailer Carrying Capacity

When purchasing a new boat trailer with your boat, it is extremely important to understand the weight of your boat and the implications it can have when being towed behind your vehicle. For example – The boat, its motor and all gear connected with the boat should weigh in at about half the boat trailer’s carrying capacity. If your boat weighs 1200 kg for instance, don’t purchase a boat trailer with only a 1200 kg capacity. This can be very dangerous when out on the road and could cause serious damage or an accident. So please make sure you are fully aware of the weights involved.

Boat Trailer Tire Diameter

When you finally decide on a new boat trailer keep in mind the trailers tires. Select a trailer with tires that are large in diameter. They’ll spin fewer times per kilometer thus producing less heat and less wear and tear on the road. The tires will also rotate fewer times which will make your wheel bearing last longer.

Boat Trailer Drive-On Capability

Not all boats will allow this, but if your boat allows -For easy retrieval select a boat trailer with “drive-on” capabilities. This will allow you to literally drive your boat onto the trailer or at least get it as close as possible to maneuver close to the winch so that after only a few cranks, your boat will be in proper position and on your way much faster. For boat trailer winch safety and Tips, read here.

Sealed Boat Trailer Lights

If you plan to tow your boat, or do alot of highway driving, it is important to choose a trailer with lights that have been sealed against water. Not only will this help you avoid any ticket offences but will also ensure your boat trailer is in top working condition.

Boat Trailer Suitability – Does Your Trailer Suit Your Boat

When you shop around for your new boat, consider the type of boating you plan on doing? Once you’ve worked that part out, your boat trailer options will be narrowed down. Many types of trailers exist on the market and your local dealer probably doesn’t care which one you buy as long as he gets the sale and commission. Each boat trailer design is for a particular type of boating. Although most have weather and rust protection included these days, it’s best to pick a trailer that’s specifically made for your purpose and needs on the water. Not only will your trailer last longer, but it will also work more efficiently. For example, if you’ll be launching alot in sea water, you’ll require a trailer designed for that purpose.

Boat Trailer Spare Tire

If you’re planning to travel long distances with your boat? Than a trailer that comes with a spare tire is a great investment and a smart idea. Although changing a flat tire on a boat trailer, particularly in the dark is difficult, it’s better to have that option when you’re on the road than sitting around waiting for roadside assistance that could be hours away, especially if you are off road or in the outback.

Final Thoughts On Choosing A New Boat Trailer

Don’t jump on the first trailer the dealer tries to unload on you. Keep the above tips in mind when you are shopping around. Purchasing a quality boat trailer that’s right for you will save you both time and money in the long run. Not only will a reliable trailer allow you and your boat to travel to new and exciting places but more importantly it will allow you to, what you initially planned and thats spending more time out and enjoying your boat!

If you have a new boat trailer that may not be suitable for your boat, contact us or view our boat trailer parts catalog and see how you can make improvements to your existing trailer and get it in the condition you initially planned for when you purchased it. We specialize in selling high quality boat trailer rollers, trailer bunks & skids, bumper cover profiles, brackets, winches, jockey wheels, mud guards & more.