Boat Trailers For Sale – How To Get The Best Deal

How To Get The Best Deal When Buying A New Boat Trailer

When you are in the market for a new boat trailer, you will not have any issues in finding the one that you need. At Least what you think you need. There are plenty of dealers located all around the country that are willing to sell you a new or used boat trailer. With boats becoming more pricey, and consumers are quite happy to sign the dotted line to finance a new boat, you will find most dealers are more than willing to offer you a boat and trailer combined package. This is a great way to get the boat and trailer that you want for a good price that is within your personal budget.

Before you set off to go and look at boat trailers there is a few things you should know before you walk into a dealer. Make sure you firstly know what the size of your boat is that you will be hauling on your new trailer. This will ensure that you are looking at the right trailers for your boat, and that your boat will fit on the trailer you are considering. This will also help you know what length trailer you should be looking at and what is the best fit for your boat.

A Lot of individuals also offer boat trailers for sale and can usually be found quite easily on numerous popular websites such as Trading Post, Boat Point, Gumtree Classifieds and of course E-Bay. You will see that many people will have boats and trailers for sale and many will also have some for sale that are separate. 90% of the time there is nothing wrong with used trailers, the people selling them may have simply upgraded and no longer have a need for their old trailer. Calling around to the people that have placed ads and making appointments to see the trailers is a great way to find out if their trailer may be suitable for you and if any repairs or maintenance may be necessary.

While you are looking at boat trailers for sale, make sure that you do not get one that has rust spots and holes. A trailer that has started rusting will not last as long as you might want it to, and you yourself will find yourself having to replace the trailer well before the expected lifespan you where looking for. Make sure the hitch is tight for safe and secure hauling. You will not want your trailer to bounce up and down as you are driving down the road as this is not only dangerous but you could end up killing your self or someone else out on the roads!

When you first set out on buying a new boat trailer, there is no need to rush into the first trailer that the first salesman talks you into. Shop around, do your research on the different types of features each trailer has to offer. Do you want your boat trailer to have only boat rollers? Bunks and skids setup? and if you find a good deal on a type of trailer but need to convert it to suit your boat, how easy can this be done? and how much is it going to cost? The more answers you have to these questions when talking to dealers the less they can take you for a ride and you will get the best price possibly and naturally in your research you will gain a better understanding of your trailer before you even own it.

Lets take a quick glance at who the major trailer manufacturers around Australia are and who you should look at first when deciding on a new boat trailer.

  • – Dunbier Marine Boat Trailers –  Dunbier offer boat trailers to suit most types of boats. Their standard models come as is and in general are not suited to your boat straight up. Some modifications and adjustments will have to be made so your trailer fits your boat.
  • – Mackay Boat Trailers – Mackay have a standard range of trailers much like Dunbier Marine, however Mackay also specialize in custom trailers which will design a boat trailer to suit your boat. 
  • – Oceanic Trailers – Oceanic Trailers are advertised as a high quality trailer. They offer many standard trailers to suit all types of boats and personal watercraft as well as custom trailers. Oceanic Trailers are located in the Gold Coast, Queensland.
  • – Peterson Boat Trailers – Peterson Boat Trailers tend to focus on “American Designed” trailers. Built in Australia. Petterson Trailers are located on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.
  • – Mayfair Marine (Tinka and Redco Boat Trailers) – Tinka and Redco trailers offer a very large range of trailers to it’s customers. Whether you’re looking for aluminium, fiberglass or PWC.  
  • – Quintrex Boats and Trailers – Quintrex are one of Australias largest boat builders and distributors who specialize in aluminium boats and trailers. Quintrex offer trailer options with their boat sales and are usually built to suit their boats. Quintrex have dealers located all around Australia.

This is just a brief list of many manufacturers around Australia and can be used as a quick guide to check out different styles from different companies. No matter what trailer you end up purchasing, all trailers at some point will need repair and maintenance. Boat trailer parts, rollers, bunks, skids, brackets, jockey wheels, winches can all be found in our online store along with many other spare parts. We have made it easy to keep your boat trailer in top working condition by offering all parts to you at discount prices. 


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