Boat Trailer Winch Safety

Boat Trailer Winch Safety

When it comes to getting your new boat on and off your trailer, it is part of the fun and excitement in doing so when you first take your boat down to your local ramp. You feel a sense of pride and honor in showing off your boat to everyone around. Boat trailer winches generally come in two types? Manual winches and electric winches. While the majority of boat owners wish for an electric winch most will settle with the standard manual type.

Deciding on which size trailer winch to buy will depend mainly on the weight and size of your boat. You need to also factor in the weight of the fuel and supplies loaded in the boat after the manufacturer’s specified dry weight. The correct trailer winch will insure the ease of retrieving the boat whether alone or with a mate. If possible, always launch and retrieve with the assistance of someone else.

As most boat ramps are angled fairly steep into the water, you will most likely be winching  the boat up from a distance. Gravity is not your friend her as it lends it’s hands in making sure your task is even tougher to retrieve your boat with ease. Make sure you allow a line capacity that is much greater than the weight of the boat. It is better to have more length than not enough.

Make sure you thoroughly inspect your trailers winch before each trip out on your boat. It is very important to insure all parts are in top working condition and if any lubrication is recommended by the manufacturer that it gets done. The last thing you need is to have your boat stuck in the water because the winch has seized up on you. Testing the winch regularly free of the boat will help insure all maintenance has been done, and you’re ready to go.

Lastly, make sure you never use the winch as a method of securing the boat to your trailer for transport only. While the winch will work very well for pulling the boat, it will not keep it secure on your trailer while you are driving down the road. Utilize the trailer straps for this purpose.

It is very important to follow all safety precautions when operating a new boat trailer winch. Regular lubricating and maintenance will help make your winch last longer and give you less issues when you have finished your day boating and ready to head home. If you are unsure of the weight of your boat, make sure you give the dealer where you purchased your boat from a call, or check your boat manufacturers website. The wrong winch will only cause you troubles at the end of the day which you certainly do not need. For all your trailer winch parts and accessories, you can view our online store where you can buy replacement winches and parts for your boat trailer.

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