Buying Spare Parts For Your Dunbier Boat Trailer

Where To Buy Spare Boat Trailer Parts For A Dunbier Boat Trailer

Disclaimer: We are in no way associated with Dunbier Marine Products. We do not sell Dunbier Trailers or Dunbier Spare Parts. The products mentioned on this page and services we offer are custom components and spares that may be suited or used on your trailer. 

Are you looking to buy replacement spare parts for your dunbier boat trailer, but dont know where to go? Or the parts you are looking for are too expensive from some retailers or boat trailer dealers?

When it comes to looking for spare parts you first need to ask yourself a couple of questions:

What type of trailer spare part are you looking for? Boat trailer rollers? Boat trailer bunks? Boat trailer skids? Boat trailer brackets? Boat trailer hardware or Boat Trailer mudguards? Once you have determined what part you are looking to replace, you need to make sure it is suitable for your type of boat trailer. For example: A Dunbier Nipper Series boat trailer that uses Boat trailer skids and keel rollers is not going to be suited for wobble rollers and bunks.

Lets take a quick look at the trailer range, and see exactly what parts are suitable for each individual model.

Dunbier Boat Trailer Range & Models

Dunbier Boat Trailer Models For Aluminium Boats

Dunbier Rollamatic Series: The Rollamatic Series is one of the most popular trailer models that are released to the market. The Rollamatic series boat trailers are suitable for both aluminium boats as well as fiberglass. The rollamatic series offers adjustable keel support for the boats hull as well as a fully adjustable cradle roller system. Trailer parts that are most common for replacement with these models are: Wobble rollers & Keel rollers. The most common form of keel roller used on this trailer is the Dog Bone (Sydney Roller).

Dunbier Nipper Series: The Nipper Series boat trailers are suitable for aluminium, inflatable and small fiberglass hulls. The Nipper series boat trailer can also accommodate kayaks as well as small sail boats. The Nipper series comes in 4 different models which have a combination of boat trailer bunks / flippers, trailer skids as well as keel rollers (Dog Bone rollers). These trailers are easy to modify, and replacement parts are simple to replace when your existing rollers are worn down.

Dunbier Center Line Series: The Center Line boat trailer range is specifically designed for aluminium boats and hulls. The Center Line is a popular trailer for users with aluminium boats as the theory behind the trailer is, it is easy to launch and retrieve with ease. The Center Line series uses a combination of boat trailer skids, bunks, keel rollers.

Dunbier Sports Series: The Sports Series are designed specifically for small tinnies or PWC. The sports series covers all parts that range from wobble rollers, bunks, skids and keel rollers. These trailers can be easily modified to suit your individual boat and style. When you buy a sports series for your boat they are easy to add or remove features which can help make launching and retrieving your boat easier.

Dunbier Glider Pad Series: The Glider Pad Series are designed for boats ranging from 5.0mtrs to 7.5mtrs in length. The Glider Series are available in both roller series as well as skids and bunk versions. The Glider Series uses a combination of keel rollers, bunks, skids and bumper cover profiles which run horizontally down the trailer for extra support.

Dunbier Boat Trailer Models For Fiberglass Boats 

Dunbier Supa Rolla Series: The Supa Roller Series boat trailers for fiberglass boats are their signature trailer that has a classic self centering multi roller system. The supa roller boat trailers allow you to drive your boat on or winched when finished. The boat trailer is specifically designed to help self center your boat in any water conditions at the boat ramp. If you are looking at converting other model types to suit the Supa Roller style, you will need to look for a multi roller conversion kit with wobble rollers.

Buying Spare Parts For Your Dunbier Boat Trailer

When you look to buy replacement spare parts for your Dunbier Boat Trailer it is important to remember to stick to quality parts. A lot of people tend to try save a few dollars here and there, but what they are forgetting is they have spent thousands of dollars on their boat and simply forget how important their boat trailer is as part of their investment.

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