How To Replace and Adjust Wheel Bearings In Boat Trailers

How To Replace and Adjust Wheel Bearings In Boat Trailers

how-to-adjust-bearings-boat-trailerWhen it comes to replacing and or adjusting wheel bearings on a boat trailer, the process can be a little difficult or confusing if you have never performed this procedure before. Today, we list a quick do it your self guide on how you can replace and adjust wheel bearings to ensure optimal performance and reliability in your boat trailer.

1. Place a jack under your trailer. Jack the trailer up so the wheels are not touching the ground.

2. Remove the wheel, dust cap, split pin, axle nut, washer & hub.

3. Remove the outer bearing from the hub. Clean with a cloth. 

4. Knock out seal, inner and outer bearing cups with a suitable hammer and punch.

5. Press in the new cups evenly all the way to the bottom of the bearing housing.

6. Pack new bearings with high temperature waterproof grease (180 deg C), making sure to work grease into all rollers on the bearing. Place bearings into hub and install rear seal. Place hub back on axle.

7. Install washer and tighten axle nut so there is no movement in the bearing (be careful to not over tighten axle nut). Hub should spin freely with no vertical or horizontal rocking.

8. Replace with a new split pin and ensure the legs are bent around the axle nut so it won’t fall out.

9. Replace dust cap.

10. Replace tyre and wheel nuts.

If at any stage you are unsure or are having difficulty, please consult a professional for further guidance & is qualified to work on your trailer.