How To Convert Your Boat Trailer To A Drive On

How To Convert Your Boat Trailer To A Drive On

boat-trailer-wobble-rollerOne of the most common inquiries we receive here at Roxom boat trailer parts is how customers can convert their current boat trailer setup into a drive on system?

There are numerous ways you can convert your trailer into a drive on, however different setups may be required for different types of boats and hulls. In today’s article we will be focusing on fiberglass boat hulls and using multi roller conversion system & wobble rollers which will allow you to drive on and off your boat trailer.

Alot of the time your existing boat trailer may have old carpeted bunks or rubber rollers that make it very hard to maneuver your boat on and off your trailer. By changing to a multi roller wobble system your launch and retrieve process will become alot easier!

Multi roller systems connect and grab to your boats hull easier and help guide your boat on and off your trailer with ease. 

When deciding to change to a multi roller system, it is important to make sure you choose the correct setup. There is a few different options when deciding on a multi roller setup. Lets take a quick look at the different options and what each component is designed to do?

Different Types Of Multi Roller Conversion Systems

Adjustable Front Wobble Roller Assembly – This part of your conversion kit is designed for the front of your trailer. The Adjustable front assembly adds extra support to your boats hull to help launch and retrieve your boat onto your trailer. This component is adjustable so you can make it suit your boats hulls and any ribs / grooves your boat may have.

Fixed Dual Arm Assembly – The Fixed dual arm assembly is similar in nature to the Adjustable front assembly. The only difference is the wobble arm which is fixed. This component is designed for smaller boat trailers and hulls that do not need adjusting.

Centre Adjustable Assembly – The Centre adjustable assembly plays a crucial part in converting your boat trailer to a drive on system. This component is designed to be installed around the centre of your trailer and aims to help guide your boat on and off your trailer. The moving wobble arm is designed to connect to your boats hull which helps guide your boat to the front of your trailer. It is important to use high quality wobble rollers to ensure they do not split or crack which could cause potential damage and mark your hull. 

Rear Adjustable Assembly – The rear adjustable assembly is possibly the most crucial part to converting your boat trailer into a drive on system. The rear assembly is the first point of contact your boat comes with when retrieving your boat back onto the trailer. The rear assembly contains the most amount of wobble rollers on either side of the trailer which helps connect and guide your boat up to the front. Like the Centre adjustable assembly it is important to use high quality wobble rollers to ensure a quick, easy and safe retrieval of your boat.

Converting your boat trailer to a drive on system is a great idea for anyone who may like to take their boat out on there own. It offers a quick and easy solution to launch and retrieve that in the past may have been a difficult task. Lets take a quick look at this You Tube video of a Dunbier Supa Rolla Series Trailer that is demonstrating the multi roller setup drive on and off system.

Video Credit: Dunbier Trailers.


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