Tutorial: How To Replace Boat Trailer Tyres

How To Replace Boat Trailer Tyres


When it comes time to replace your boat trailers Tyres, it is a fairly simple job if you have the right education and a few simple tools. There is only a few simple steps to follow, and before you know it you’ll have brand new tyres on your boat trailer.

  1. Jack up your boat trailer: First, you will need to place your car’s jack underneath the boat trailer. Begin to jack the boat trailer off the ground until there is a couple of inches clearance between the tyre and the ground. Make sure the jack is fully secure before you start so that no accidents can occur when you begin work!
  2. Removing your boat trailer wheel nuts: Using the lug nut wrench, remove all your trailers lug nuts that are holding your boat trailers tyres in place. Once removed, place the lug nuts in a secure place as you will need to re-apply them to your trailer at a latter stage.
  3. Remove the tyre from your boat trailer: Once you have removed the lug nuts from the tyres, simply pull off the tyre from your trailer and set them to the side. Make sure you deflate the tyres by depressing the valve with a small knife or tool.
  4. How to remove the tyre from the wheel: 
  • Lay the tyre on one side.
  • Slide the tyre iron underneath the lip of the tyre.
  • Pry the tyre off by maneuvering the tyre iron around the base of the wheel until the tyre is completely removed.

5. Replacing the tyre: Put the wheel on top of your new tyre. Pry the lip of the tyre to the edge of the wheel. Once the tyre is in place around the wheel base, Use an air compressor to fill the tyre with air.

6. Re-apply the wheels back onto your boat trailer: Reverse the process to re-apply your new boat trailer wheels and tyres back onto your trailer. When fully secured and your lug nuts are tight, lower the jack and remove from under your trailer.

7. Repeat process for all tyres needing replacement.

Tips and Tricks:

  • If this is your first time replacing a tyre, ask a friend or someone who has done this process before for some assistance.
  • Always make sure your trailer is secure before starting any work. Failure to do so may result in serious injury.
  • Make sure your boat is off the trailer before you begin work. Your local boat ramp’s car park is a good place to work on your boat trailer.
  • If any other boat trailer parts need replacing such as your boat trailer rollers, skids, bunks, brackets, winches, jockey wheel? it is a good idea to do as much work all at once as possible to save time, money and potential damage to your boat and trailer.