Tutorial: Shop Around Before Purchasing Replacement Boat Trailer Parts & Accessories

Where To Find The Cheapest Boat Trailer Parts Online.

Part 1: Boat Trailer Rollers

When it comes to repairing your boat trailer; what ever the problem may be? Whether it is replacing your boat trailer bunks, adding new plastic skids or simply replacing an old cracked boat roller.

In our next series of articles, We have decided to break down for our readers and customer base a detailed guide on various products available on the market and how much you should be paying for these items.

First on the list is boat trailer rollers. Boat rollers are one of the key elements to any boat trailer, so it is important that you do not spend more then you have to. Lets take a look at  price comparison of some of the major retailers offering boat rollers for sale.

When we think of buy boat trailer spare parts, we normally think to shop at retailers such as Boating Camping and Fishing or BCF, Boating Lifestyle Adventure or BLA, Whitworths Marine or Trailer Spare Parts.Net.Au

Roxom Marine BCF BLA Whitworths Marine trailerspareparts.net.au
4″ Dog Bone Keel Roller $5.75 $9.95 $9.95
6″ Dog Bone Keel Roller $8.75 $10.95 $11.00
8″ Dog Bone Keel Roller $11.25 $14.00
12″ Dog Bone Keel Roller $30.00
3″ Cotton Reel Roller $5.00 $9.95
4″ Cotton Reel Roller $6.00 $8.40
4.5″ Cotton Reel Roller $6.75 $10.95 $10.00
6″ Cotton Reel Roller $9.75 $11.00
8″ Cotton Reel Roller $11.25 $14.95 $14.00
12″ Cotton Reel Roller $30.00
6″ Parallel Roller $9.00
8″ Parallel Roller $11.50
12″ Parallel Roller $30.00
3″ Bow Roller $7.00
4″ Bow Roller $12.50
6″ Concave Roller $8.75
8″ Concave Roller $11.25
12″ Concave Roller $30.00
6″ HDPE Self Centering Roller $15.00 $16.95 $27.00
8″ HDPE Self Centering Roller $17.50 $18.95 $20.00
6″ Urethane Self Centering Roller $16.90 $16.95 $26.60 $16.95 $16.94
8″ Urethane Self Centering Roller $18.75 $19.95 $57.30 $18.95 $24.75
4″ Grey Wobble Roller Ribbed $7.25 $12.95 $12.95 $8.50
4″ Red Wobble Roller Ribbed $7.25 $12.95 $12.95 $8.50

Conclusion: As we can see from the compiled list above, not only do we (Roxom Boat Trailer Parts) have the largest selection of boat trailer rollers available to customers compared to our major retail competitors, but we also offer the lowest prices.

The boat trailer rollers and parts we sell are the exact same product that you will see in any retail store and on any new boat trailer. Just because we offer the lowest price does not mean in anyway that we are offering a lesser quality product!

In our upcoming articles we will provide price comparisons and user guides on Boat trailer brackets, Spindles, skids, bunks, bumper covers, winches, jockey wheels and much more.

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Disclaimer: Prices accurate as of 06/05/2013