How To Use A Outboard Motor Trim / Tilt Support Block

Outboard Motor Trim Support

How To Use A Outboard Motor Trim / Tilt Support Block

When it comes to towing your boat and trailer one of the key aspects of your journey that most people often do not consider is to protect their outboard motor.

One simple way to protect your outboard motor and avoid potential damage is to protect the hydrolic tilt / trim function. By keeping your outboard motor trimmed higher, you will have a much smoother ride and avoid damage to your motor or propeller if the motor lowers its self to a neutral or flat position.

We have recorded a quick video tutorial below that gives a quick rundown on how to install and set the outboard motor trim support block.

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What Is A Outboard Motor Trim or Tilt Support Block?

An outboard motor trim support block is a small bracket type component that is manufactured out of high quality polyurethane material. The outboard motor trim support blocks supplied by Roxom boat trailer parts are made in Australia, and are the perfect product for anyone looking to protect their boats motor.

The outboard motor support block clips over the hydraulics that raise your motor higher and lower. One you have installed the support block, lower the motor so it is resting slightly on the top of the profile. You are now good to go!

Key Features Of A Outboard Motor Support Block

  • Compatible with all leading brands.
  • Helps protect your outboard when your boat is on the trailer.
  • Minimises strain on the transom.
  • Simple and quick to install and remove.
  • Locks around the shaft.

Suitable for single ram tilt systems

Length 150mm

Width 52mm

Height 45mm 

Dia of shaft 22mm

Size may be cut down if necessary to suit.

Made in Australia.

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