How To Identify Boat Trailer Parts & Their Names


How To Identify Boat Trailer Parts & Their Names

When it comes to replacing boat trailer parts,it can be sometimes difficult to identify or explain to the shop exactly what part you are trying to fix, repair or add to your trailer.

In today’s tutorial, we will go over the most common types of boat trailer parts, what their names are, what they are used for and how you can identify them when the time comes to replace or upgrade that particular spare part.

Before we continue, the images used in this tutorial are generic in nature. Not all boat trailers are the same. We will do our best to describe each individual part where possible. If something is missing and you need help identifying, simply contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist personally.

Boat Trailer Spare Parts – Bunk Trailers:


The image above provides a good example of what a typical bunk boat trailer may look like. As we mentioned above, this is a generic trailer and may look and contain slightly different parts than what your own personal trailer may. 

The following list of parts listed are the most common that you may look to upgrade or replace.

  • Boat Trailer Bunks – Can be used with fiberglass & aluminium boat hulls. The two standard types of bunks will either be wrapped in carpet. Carpet can be tough, and cause your boat to stick to your trailer making the launch and retrieval process difficult. The other more common type of bunk is the solid plastic bunks. The plastic boat trailer bunks are alot tougher and will make your launch and retrieval a much more enjoyable experiance. When purchasing or upgrading to plastic bunks, be aware of imitation bunks that are hollow in nature and contain an aluminium bar in the centre which try’s to toughen the product. We receive constant feedback that the hollow bunks often crack and split and may cause serious damage to your boat trailer and boat. So always make sure you purchase solid plastic and not hollow bunks.
  • Boat Trailer Lights – Boat trailer lights are another spare part that often needs replacing. When purchasing new boat trailer lights it is important to get the correct lighting setup to suit your needs. This may include fully submersible lights if you plan on driving your trailer into the water or a simple Boat Trailer Lights, if you simply need lights for transportation purposes. 
  • Boat Trailer Winch – Your trailer winch is another part that may need replacing often. To avoid this, make sure your boat trailer winch has the correct weight rating. You do not want to purchase a 500kg winch thinking that it will do the job when your boat weighs over a ton. It simply will not work.
  • Spare Tyre Carrier – This is another important part alot of people do not consider. You do not want to be driving down the road and your trailer gets a flat tyre and you have no spare! We carry a range of spare tyre carriers so contact us today to find out if ours will suit your needs and save you from a world of trouble.
  • Bow Stop – Different types of boat trailers use different types of bow stops. Your trailer may use either a bow roller? or a V-block? simply make sure the right one is used to suit your particular boat.

Boat Trailer Spare Parts – Roller Trailer:


The above graphic shows you what a typical multi roller boat trailer may look like. Alot of the parts identified in bunk trailers and roller trailers are the same but with some differences.

Although not shown in this image; Roller trailers often have a number of keel rollers located down the centre of the trailer.

  • Keel Rollers – Boat trailer keel rollers come in many different sizes and shapes. To help identify which rollers you have on your trailer, simply visit our main rollers page which lists all sizes and shapes available. View our keep rollers here.
  • Wobble Rollers – Wobble rollers on a multi roller trailer are very important. They are what gets your boat on and off your trailer. Alot of older style trailers often have old black rubber rollers which may now be starting to crack, split or cause flat spots which makes it very difficult to launch and retrieve your boat. By upgrading your wobble rollers to a high quality polyurethane material,  not only will your boat launch and retrieve better but will last alot longer.
  • Multi Roller Brackets & Hardware – Multi roller trailers have a number of different brackets and hardware needed to run this type of setup. Most of the time these setups come in kit form where everything is included to help you convert your trailer. If you are looking to individually replace a certain part, Simply click here for a full list of parts in detail for your conversion kit.

As we mentioned above, the parts discussed are some of the standard that you may find on a boat trailer. Other common parts that may be used, although not displayed can include the following: