How To Secure Your Boat Trailer From Theft

ARK Coupling Trailer Lock

How To Secure Your Boat & Jetski Trailer From Theft

With boating and water sports becoming more and more popular around Australia it is essential that boat owners and their families take extra care in securing their boats, jet skis and trailers from potential theft and thieves.

Thieves have always been around in the past and will likely still be around in the future; so the purpose of today article is to give boat trailer owners a few ideas on different products available on the market that they can use to help secure their trailers and help deter thieves from attempting to steal your property.

ARK Coupling Trailer LockCoupling Trailer Locks

Coupling trailer locks are a great security device to help deter and stop thieves from stealing your boat, jetski or any type of trailer connected to your vehicle.

Coupling locks sit inside your trailers coupling and hook its self over the hitch and tow ball of your vehicle which keeps the two devices locked together. 

A well engineered coupling lock will provide any potential thieves a difficult task in trying to detach the trailer from your car to tow away with them.

One thing many trailer owners do not realize is, that by not having a security device such as a coupling lock is, if your trailer / boat / jetski is stolen; most insurance companies will not accept your claim. It is essential that you read the fine print of your policy and have the appropriate security devices installed on your trailer.

One of our favourite coupling locks to use is the Ark Trailer Coupling Lock. Cheap in price and high in quality. The Ark coupling lock will help keep your boat and trailer secure from potential thieves. Click here to view the Ark Coupling Trailer Lock.

H Duty Wheel Clamp SizesBoat Trailer Wheel Clamp

Boat trailer wheel clamps and locks are another great security device that every trailer owner should own. By using a boat trailer wheel clamp locking system; when you are not towing your trailer, thieves will find it extremely difficult to drive off with your trailer. Wheel clamps put a holt to your trailer moving at all which helps deter and keep safe your trailer until you return from your day out on the water.

Their are lots of different wheel clamps available. It is essential that you get the right size wheel lock to suit your trailer and wheel size.

When choosing a wheel clamp for your boat or jet ski trailer it is important that the device you chose fits your wheels correctly.

For smaller boat and jet ski trailers, have a look at our small wheel clamp which is suited for wheels 7 to 11 inches in size. View Here.

For boat trailers with larger sized wheels, our heavy duty wheel clamp may be more ideal. To view this wheel clamps full stats, simply head on over to our product details page.

Conclusion On Boat Trailer Security Devices

When it comes to security on your boat trailer, there is of course no product that is 100% secure. If a thief wants to get your trailer off your car the odds are they will. The best we can do as trailer owners is to secure our property as best as possibly and not only help deter thieves away, but to do the best job possible at stopping them from taking your pride and joy.

Boat trailer security, as mentioned above is also an essential part to boat and jet ski ownership as far as your insurance company may be concerned. If something was to happen to your boat or trailer and you have no security device installed on your trailer, your claim may be void and you will lose everything! For a discount outlay, it is always better to be safe than sorry and have the hassles of things going against you.