Self Centering Boat Trailer Kits | How To Self Centre Your Boat


How To Help Self Centre Your Boat On Your Trailer

boat-trailer-plastic-bunks-quintrex-minOne of the big issues for new boat owners along with seasoned pros who have been boating for years can be the retrieval of their boats back onto their trailers after spending a day out on the water.

When it comes to retrieving their boat at the boat ramp, there can be numerous reasons why you may find it hard to do this simple task in a safe manner.

  • Weather conditions may be bad causing the water to be choppy which pushes your boat from side to side.
  • You are launching / retrieving at a new location and not used to the conditions of the ramp.
  • Traffic may be busy at the ramp & their may be a few impatient people rushing you.

No matter what the reason may be it is always important to take your time and ensure your boat, vehicle, friends, family & everyone surrounding are safe!

In today’s lesson we have decided to cover a couple of the more popular boat trailer parts and DIY kits amongst customers that are designed to help assist you in retrieving your boat a bit more easily.

For assistance on self centering boat trailer kits, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

Boat Trailer Self Centering Glider V Kits

Boat trailer self centering glider kits are designed to attach to each of your boat trailers cross sections. Ranging in length between 300 to 500mm long (pending the size of your boat and trailer), these kits come complete so all you need to do is attach them to your trailer, make the adjustments to the angles to guide down to your keel rollers. Instantly you will increase your odds on a more successful retrieval by keeping your boat centralized at all times. 

The plastic C-section covers in this boat trailer kit are extruded from HDPE polyethylene plastic which means they are always slippery, UV resistant, multiple colour and sizing options.

Our standard Glider kits available off the shelf include:

Boat Trailer Flipper Kits (Boat Trailer Bunks)

Flipper KitBoat trailer flipper kits are very similar to the boat trailer glider kits. The main difference here is; instead of using bumper cover C-section profiles. We are using boat trailer bunks in their place.

Boat trailer flipper kits come standard in a 300mm size and are generally designed for smaller sized tinnys and aluminium hulls. 

Located at the rear of your boat trailer, flipper kits are designed to move slightly up or down to connect with your boats hull and bring it back to the centre and roll up on your keel rollers

Boat trailer flipper kits, like the glider kits include all brackets and hardware, plastic profiles so you can install this kit straight out of the box!

Boat Trailer Self Centering Keel Rollers

Self centre roller blueExactly as the name described; Self centering keel rollers are exactly that. With specially machined grooves on these rollers; As you approach your trailer with your boat, your keel is designed to fit inside the groove of the roller which when rotating forward naturally pushes your boat to the centre of your trailer.

Standard boat trailer self centering keel rollers are sized in 6 inch or 8 inch (150mm or 200mm) and are available in hard blue poly or soft red poly materials for both aluminium and fiberglass hulls.

Note: Always make sure your keel roller is facing the correct way. If your roller is backwards it will want to push your keel outwards and will make your retrieval process alot harder as you fight with your trailer. 

View self centering keel rollers.

Boat Trailer Self Centering Kits Real Examples

YouTube user MrMRJaxon5 has uploaded this great video on how he has installed the boat trailer glider kits onto his dunbier boat trailer. He provides a great example on how this kit helps centralize his boat as he attempts to drive his boat onto his trailer after he is done out on the water. Lets take a look!

In the following video we have uploaded to our YouTube Channel a video that was originally posted by Razorline Boats who are located in Western Australia demonstrating their own designed boats and trailers. The main reason we are providing this example of their drive on trailers is the modified glider kit & flipper kit on their trailers. They are designed to perform the exact same job in helping to keep your boat centralized while driving your boat onto your trailer with ease. Enjoy!

For further details on how we can help you launch and retrieve your boat with our self centering DIY kits, simply head over to our contact form and we will be able to assist you with all inquiries.