What Is The Difference Between Colours When Buying Boat Trailer Wobble Rollers

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What Is The Difference Between Colours When Buying Boat Trailer Wobble Rollers?

When it comes to replacing or adding boat trailer wobble rollers to your trailer; a lot of people get confused when it comes to picking a colour.

When asking for advice, whether it be down at the local boat ramp from other boat users, or your local chandelry store; Many often don’t no the correct answer when it comes to colours. In the past, many have often referred to red boat rollers are for use with fiberglass hulls while blue boat rollers are for use with aluminium boat hulls.

In the past, this was somewhat accurate. Blue was traditionally a harder material which was designed for used with aluminium and red was a soft polyurethane material which was more gentle on the gel coating. 

Moving back to boat trailer wobble rollers; Things have changed when discussing materials in colours. The quick and simple answer is: All wobble rollers are exactly the same when purchasing from us. No matter if your looking at Grey, red, blue, black, ribbed or smooth; The materials used are all the same. The only difference is simply a colour die thats used in the boat rollers.

This may seem confusing to some, but if you were to walk into a shop that sells boat trailer parts and hold, feel and touch two different colour rollers, you will notice that they are infact exactly the same.

So if the time has come to upgrade or replace your existing wobble rollers, Rather than thinking a colour plays a role in your decision, you can now make a more informed choice and choose a style that suits your boat and trailer setup!

Tip: If you are seeking to upgrade or replace your boat trailers keel rollers, Colours can play a factor. Read our article on the different types of boat rollers and the materials used!

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