Press Release: Covid-19 Response and Company Update

Press Release: Covid-19 Response and Company Update

In what may be uncertain times for the Australian and World economies, we are all glued to our televisions and news websites trying to obtain and digest the latest information that is being released on the current Corona Virus (Covid-19) situation.

At Roxom Pty Ltd; we are providing this update to keep our retail and business customers up to date on our current situation and to provide as much information on our business with the information on hand to date.

Retail Customers: Boat Trailer Parts Australia.

We want to ensure that our retails customers are unaffected by the parts and services that we offer. We understand that a majority of the country is currently in isolation at present and may be looking for activities to fill in the days while stuck at home! 

We know that all our customers who get in touch with us all have a passion for boating or being out on the water. We want to ensure that we can provide a duty in continuing to supply parts to give everyday Australians a chance to keep active and in the same process maintain or upgrade their boat trailers / jet ski trailers. 

Our retail boat trailer parts division supplies locally manufactured plastic boat trailer bunks, skids, rollers brackets and hardware. Our local plastic material supply is high and we aim to have limited to no down time in our stocks to supply customers. In regards to our boat trailer hardware and brackets supply, our suppliers who we use to obtain these parts are currently stocked at a high level. We are being told of minimal shortages in stocks. Some items may become unavailable in the future; but as of today a majority of parts on offer are currently available for retail purchasing.

For those retail customers who require custom parts, please contact us to discuss your needs and availability.  

For now; all customer pickups have been put on hold. We must ship / freight all orders to customers as we look to apply the self quarantine procedures as put in place by local and federal governments. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers in this time of uncertainty.

Contact us today for all inquiries.

Business & Wholesale Customers

For our business and wholesale customers we want to ensure that our factory is currently in full operation. Our staff are in safe working conditions and are continuing to produce products and have goods ready for dispatch as quick as possible.

As listed above to our retail customers; Our plastic material supplies are currently at a high level. We should not see any downturn or shortage of stock for all our plastic boat trailer parts. Our machine shop is fully active and machining of all rollers and components in house will continue.

For new customers looking for Australian made boat trailer parts and custom machined components, we welcome all new inquiries. We do not import our plastic; everything is produced locally in house!

Moving forward, we appreciate everyone’s support locally and Australia wide. Supporting local Australian businesses is extremely important, especially now in uncertain times! We hope everyone stays safe and we look forward to helping everyone out as much as possible with our services and parts on offer.

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