How To Install Boat Trailer Self Center Glider V Kits


In today’s article, we teach you how to install your boat trailer self center glider V kits. 

These self centering kits are specifically designed to help any boat user launch and retrieve their boat with ease. Keep it central on your boats trailer to avoid potential damage and for a quick and efficient process at your local boat ramp.

The great thing about these boat trailer parts is that they are fully adjustable. Simple manoeuvre them around on your trailer until they are in the ideal position suit to your boats hull.

Parts Included:

When your new self center glider V kit arrives in the post, you will open the box to find the following parts and accessories included:

Step 1: Remove all parts from the box provided to ensure all parts are on hand.

Step 2: Place the wood yoke stem brackets inside the plastic C-section skids. Align the brackets with the pre drilled holes. Larger stem bracket is placed at the rear of the plastic skid to allow for a sharper angle.

Note: If the wood yoke stem brackets feel to tight to fit inside the plastic profiles, Clamp the tops slightly using a vice or clamp to allow for an easier fit.

Step 3: Once the wood yoke stem brackets are inserted into the plastic; Attach 1x tubs side adjuster bracket onto the ends of each wood yoke stem.

Step 4: Attach the assembled unit to the cross section’s on your boat trailer. 1 Unit each side of your boats keel rollers.

Step 5: Align the lower side of the plastic profile so it is resting on the lip of your keel rollers bracket. Raise the rear of the plastic profile higher on both sides to form a ‘V’ shape on either side of the rollers. (See featured image)

Step 6: When your boat is back on your trailer, raise or lower the plastic profiles / brackets so the plastic is resting a touch below your boats hull. Re tighten the brackets to lock the kit into place.

Pro Tip: These trailer kits work best in conjunction with boat trailer bunks. When used with bunks, the kits allow the user to drive on and off or launch and retrieve manually by hand without the fear that their boat may collide with exposed steel or aluminium on their trailer.

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